Caja de luz

Caja de luz es un proyecto de fotografía que partiendo de la acción física de capturar luz con cámaras análogas traza reflexiones en torno a la experimentación y aprendizaje del quehacer fotográfico.

From 2014 to 2016 I directed a great team of designers and students to research the effectiveness in pinhole analog DIY projects as a didactic resource for photography classes after reflecting in the importance of keep doing analog photography as an entrance to photography technique and the visual languaje.

This project is used to teach photography class in university, to help our students and to develop classes in schools and colleges as part of community projects. All the material is universal accesible.

The project also produced an archive of the last 4 years of the class, and a syllabus that integrates history of arts, material workshops, semiotics and object design.

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Caja de Luz, Box of light; is a research project in the Design School, Faculty of Arts, Universidad de Cuenca. Daniel López Z. – DIRECTOR – Santiago Calle A., Juan Pablo Dávila Z. – RESEARCH TEAM –  Santiago Morales, Luis García – STUDENTS RESEARCH ASSISTANTS –

2014 – 2016